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Gwisin Byeolgok is a manhwa about a fifteen year old girl whose mother had promised her body to a ghost. Ah-ryung, who is this little girl, however, is no normal girl. The ghost, Nachal, is also no ordinary ghost. The original promise was that Nachal was to have her body (i.e. take over) once she turned fifteen, but Ah-ryung proved too strong and with 'monstrous' yin; so much power that Nachal couldn't take over her. Instead, they make a contract together and this manhwa explores their adventures, the friends they make, and the hidden secrets they discover.

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Featured Character

Cheo Yeon

During her lifetime, Cheo Yeon was a tall woman with light coloured hair, worn down with spiralled ends, a full fringe and two tufts of hair, each framing her face. Her typical attire consisted of a white blouse, with a dark shawl over her shoulders and a black skirt. She also donned as pendant on her neck.Read more...

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